About Corner Späti

Corner Späti is a podcast about the dumb Asian peninsula posing as a continent, Europe. Are you an American sick of hearing that if you become Sweden all your problems will be solved? Are you a European sick of listening to people only complain about the USA? Well, have we got the podcast for you! Whether it's reminding Germans that they did colonialism, deep diving into Norway's monstrous sexual assault party or talking about Greece & Italy's shared history of fascism we're here to talk shit about it.

Hosted by the four sexiest communists you ever did see. Based in the northernmost okrug of Greater Serbia, Berlin, we have our baseball loving Greco-Italian-American cutie Nick, the only German person who's an Eastern Europe expert that isn't a monster Julia, the mysterious muscular adonis that never sleeps Rob and the Irishman who prints his own hentai Ciarán.

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What are others saying about us? Don't take our word for it, listen to these shining words that seek to paint the word picture that is this podcast:

"Who are the real fascists? Calling a center right journalist with very decent views a fascist?!? What is wrong with you? The left is so intolerant when it comes to anyone or anything that doesn‘t fit into their in my opinion completely absurd and dangerous world view."

~ Teamfleischhauer, simping real hard for Jan Fleischhauer on Apple Podcasts

"Corner Späti is definitely NOT Mein Kampf, dudes."

~ Steve Hudson, Halb Zehn podcast

"Been looking for a left leaning, EU focused podcast for quite a while and this one is really good. It goes off on really interesting detours while always linking to the bigger picture. (The Antideutsch ep. is fascinating and I'd never heard of them.) The quality of the research is excellent and should make the msm orgs hang their heads in shame. It's also laugh out loud funny a lot of the time. I don't know/ am not related to any of them in case people are wondering!"

~ Theceltbot, Apple podcasts

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